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​2024 Spring Baseball Volunteer Signup OPEN!​​

Volunteering FAQ's:

How old do you have to be to volunteer?

We will accept all volunteers 12 years and older. However, if they are under 16 years old and want to be on the baseball field, we ask they only volunteer during our 5-12 years old games and have a parent/guardian on site with them for the duration of the shift. All volunteers 16 years and older can work independently.

If a volunteer is under 18 years old, we ask the parent/guardian to complete the volunteer signup process on their child's behalf due to the waiver.

What roles are available?

We need umpires, announcers, buddies, photographers, concession stand workers, and National Anthem singers/performers.

Do you need experience?

Depends on the role. We ask all announcers have microphone experience, outside of that, all other roles can be taught and trained before gameday.

If I'm a buddy, do I need to bring a baseball glove?

No, not necessary! You will be the special needs baseball player's safety net. You will want to have your hands free to assist as needed.

Do I need to know anything about baseball? I never played

Not at all, this is a noncompetitive league focused on having fun. Coaches will be there to guide you step by step.

Why did you switch from signup genius?

We upgraded our system to increase our efficiency at the field. Our new system will allow us to eliminate our onboarding process to get volunteers ready to work faster. In the past, every volunteer had to wait in line to verify their waiver and wait for the buddy round up. With this new software, those steps are eliminated so we can get our volunteers on the field faster.

What if it rains? or is cold? or really hot?

It doesn't necessarily mean cancellation. We will pay in light rain, cold weather, or when its hot outside and do our best to provide items to make it more tolerable for our families and volunteers. It all depends on the condition of our field. Our final game decisions are made 1 hour before gametime. If we decide to cancel, you will be notified by email and/or text message as soon as possible. We do everything in our power to try and prevent that from happening.

My work/team/organization wants to volunteer. I can't get everyone to sign up fast enough to ensure we don't lost our spots. What can we do?

See the Group Placeholder Instructions below. This was made to reserve those spots for larger groups.

My child needs verification of their volunteer hours for school, who do I contact? Should I list a particular person?

You will contact Executive Director Stacey Diefenbach at Once volunteer hours are verified through our check in system, she will complete forms to ensure volunteer hours are confirmed.

Who do I contact for more questions?

Email Executive Director Stacey Diefenbach at​​ or fill out the form below.