Sponsorship Opportunities

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Non-profit 501(c)(3) Organization

Fall Opening Day Sponsor$1,000 SOLD

Fall Game Week Sponsor $500 SOLD

Fall Season Finale Sponsor $1,000 SOLD

Other Sponsorships

Dugout Banner $500 (up for 1 year and returned)

Fence Banner$1,000 (up for 2 years and a first pitch!)

2024 Team Uniform Sponsor $700 each

Logo on sleeve, first pitch honors, social media and website advertisement

Fill out the form below or email Stacey@miracleleagueofplymouth.com to order. First come- first serve!

These are our current sponsorship opportunities. Some prices are available for a limited time in honor of a special event we are hosting. Email Stacey@miracleleagueofplymouth.com with any questions.